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Carter Carter, inspired by the gritty urban street, shoots abstract photos of various concrete landscapes, primarily in Los Angeles and New York City. All the images shown here are available in numbered and signed aluminum editions, or unsigned open editions. See buyers guide for size, price and purchase details in the Buy/Prints menu option.


While Carter Carter is a respected television editor, very few of his professional peers know that since his graduation from the Rhode Island School (RISD), he has been a prolific photographer and mixed media artist. Trained as a fine art photographer, Carter has always been shooting and creating images, taking the everyday or mundane moment and finding beauty in it. While many artists struggle to create compositions, Carter sees composition in everything. In this new body of work, Carter has been able to find beautiful compositions in the unintentional design of the sidewalk, the gum that has been stepped in, and the dog shit left behind.


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